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Commercial and Residential Roofing Based in West York, Pennsylvania

Midstate Roofing, based in West York, Pennsylvania, provides commercial and residential roofing services to West York and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to provide the best service you can find, every day, at every job. We work with a variety of roofs and materials so that you can get exactly the look and protection that you need.
Our services include roofing installation, repairs, and removal of unsafe roofing materials, as well as accessory installations such as snow guards.

Asbestos Roofing

Dangerous Asbestos - Roof Materials in West York, PA
Asbestos is a material that has been proven harmful to human beings, but it was at one point a popular roofing material because of its resistance to fire. If you still have ... Read more

Metal Roofing

Made of Metal Roof - Roof Materials in West York, PA
Whether you want metal shingles, a tin roof, or a flat metal roof, we can install all of them. Sheet and tin metal roofs can be repaired, and metal roofing materials come in a ... Read more

Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roof Tiles - Roof Materials in West York, PA
Rubber roofing comes in rolls that are rolled out and adhered to the roof. For this material, the roof surface has to be clean and flat, and rubber can be used on ... Read more

Shingle Roofing

Wooden Roof - Roof Materials in West York, PA
Shingles are by far the most common roofing material for a residential home. They come in both cedar and asphalt. Cedar roofing must be open and breathable, while asphalt can be ... Read more

Slate Roofing

Slates On A Roof - Roof Materials in West York, PA
Slate is a highly durable, beautiful material available for roofing. While it is more expensive than traditional roofing materials, it comes in a variety of colors and lasts ... Read more
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